Haifuri Review — D+


Little girls try naval warfare!

This was essentially Girls und Panzers except much more boring.

This genre is admittedly not my thing. I mostly just find it tedious watching cute girls become friends and hold parties and stuff. So take my opinion with a load of salt.


Also, I should mention the plot involves fighting a plague of murderous mind-controlling gerbils. Pretty sad even by the standards of the genre…

  • Storytelling –D – Dull, not much going on outside of the battles.
  • Voice – C – Interesting concept at least.
  • Characters – D – They’re quirky and all, but there’s no depth.
  • Attention Grab – F – Knocked me right out.
  • Production – D – I’m no judge of animation, but it seemed lacking?
  • Overall – D+

RecommendationsGirs und Panzer, Saki, Sora no Woto

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