Sailor Moon Crystal — First Impressions


Yeah, nope.

Not my thing. I’ve never watched any Sailor Moon and I have no intention to start now.


All the flowers and sparkles and dumb shouting is too much for me. Plus Usagi’s voice is super-annoying. I can understand how she defeats the enemy just by crying.


Still, I can understand how people would like this. For what it is, the episode was very well put together. Great pacing, great animation, excellent music. Seriously, the music is great. Just not enough to make up for the fact that it’s a show made for little girls.

6 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Crystal — First Impressions

    1. I think it’s more just an older style than more mature, similar to the original Sailor Moon. I’m not too familiar with the series so don’t quote me on this though.

  1. Sailor Moon is a childhood memory for me so I would have watched this show anyways. But I think the animation and the music (as you mention) are actually pretty good. I agree w/ you on Usagi’s voice, though!

    1. If this aired every week I probably would have dropped it by now, but every other week, I’m able to fit it into my schedule easily and don’t mind so much. Usually not my genre but not too shabby!

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