Tokyo Ghoul — First Impressions


Our main character gets an organ transplant and becomes a ghoul who needs to eat humans to survive.

Pretty awesome! I love horror anime, and it’s sad we don’t get many of them. This one looks like it’s off to a great start. It’s great at building the sense of tension, the fights are entertaining, and I like how it’s shown from the perspectives of the bad guys, but with the main character having the moral tension arising from once being human.


Also really like the coffee shop girl, I thought she would be his first meal, but nope, she’s a badass leader of the ghouls ahahaha.

I’ll probably blog this.


5 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul — First Impressions

  1. One of the A list this season. You should blog this.

    BTW, she isn’t the boss actually. XD

    Also, why do people call it horror? It’s no horror. Having bodies dismembered and eaten isn’t really a sure shot of being called a horror. Or I’m just not horrified by the gore anymore.

    1. It’s not horror because of the dismembered bodies, it’s horror because of the tension it builds. Like when he’s walking down the road before he gets eaten. Or when he’s trying to restrain himself from eating the corpse even though he desperately wants to. That’s horror. Something with just dismembered bodies like Hellsing Ultimate isn’t really horror though.

      1. Horror seems difficult to classify in anime. I have yet to see any series that have similar anticipations you get from live-action horror films. Whenever I see the horror tag in animes now, I just assume the overall atmosphere is darker than usual.

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