Rail Wars — First Impressions


Some new employees become train police.

I was concerned because the show began with them attending a training program to be police that looked exactly like high school. Fortunately it only took them half an episode to graduate, and we transitioned to the exciting world of finding lost puppies and catching purse thieves. The purse thieves escaped on the train, so they had to chase him on a faster train all the way to the next station. Apparently they’ve never heard of telephones.


There’s a decent amount of fanservice, but it’s pretty boring fanservice. As for the characters, I like the tsundere and the guy with the bullet-proof vest. So far not a fan of the other two.

Rail Wars is nothing great, but I’ll keep watching for now.

4 thoughts on “Rail Wars — First Impressions

  1. Same sentiments, not really great but might have potential. The fight is at least exciting.
    Plus, I also liked those two characters. The red-haired girl did not even flinch when 1st guy ’embraced’ her. What is this sorcery, no blushing tsundere?!

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