Aku no Hana 9 + 10 — Self-Actualization


I’ve been hating on this show lately (gotten a bit bored) but episode 10 was great. Finally Takao is being honest with himself. He’s even admitted he doesn’t understand Baudelaire.


He’s realized he’s a piece of shit, now he just needs to realize that that doesn’t make him completely worthless and that people will love him despite it (such as his mother and Saeki). Then he’ll be well on his way to growing up.


Let’s hope he manages to put this whole idea of “ordinary” people out of his mind while he’s at it. I’ve never met an ordinary person before. Pretty sure they don’t exist.

Further Thoughts


Pretty sure Saeki is the biggest freak of the three of them.


Ahahahaha teenagers.


Yeah, she’s clinging to this naked guy, definitely weird. Great scene though.


Is it just me or does Saeki’s dad look exactly like Takao?

2 thoughts on “Aku no Hana 9 + 10 — Self-Actualization

  1. No, Saeki is not normal. You are going to find that out big time very soon. And if its anything like this great episode, which was at once very faithful to the manga and a really good adaptation to the visual medium, it’s going to be glorious in all its drama and raw emotion.

    It’s clear to me now: best show of the season. Hands down.

    1. This show is great, but in a weird way because I actually do not enjoy watching it at all. It makes me feel uncomfortable and bothered. Which is the point. Still it makes me hesitant to label it the best show of the season. (anyway, really a moot point since Valvrave is the best show of the season)

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