Aldnoah Zero 15 — Slaine is Still a Scumbag


So Slaine did exactly what I wanted him to do and betrayed the count. Yet somehow he managed to do it in a way that made me hate him even more than I did before. The count started a war and plotted to murder the princess… but he was the only Martian besides the princess who treated Slaine like a human being. And Slaine murdered him.


The honest truth.


This scene with Inaho was hilarious. Just lounging in bed, holding his  pocketwatch, adjusting his eyepatch. Oh Inaho… the scene where he beat the captain in memory chess was also hilarious. Some Lelouch level shit right there.


I’m also enjoying how they made the space wind a consistent plot device… WTF…

13 thoughts on “Aldnoah Zero 15 — Slaine is Still a Scumbag

  1. Suggested titles for future Aldnoah posts:

    “Slaine is a moron”
    “My poop smells nicer than Slaine”
    “Slaine can go suck a dick”

  2. I think it’s been consolidated now that what they mean by “space wind” is “there’s debris and meteors and shit and their gravitational field is uneven thus deviating our bullets’ trajectories”. Though why wouldn’t they spend a bit more time explaining what they MEANT by wind rather than keep throwing this obscure piece of jargon at us is beyond me. Also, with all that debris flying around any spaceship would probably be pulverized in mere seconds, but never mind that.

    And Slaine’s still a dick, but at least he now looks like a dick with some sense of grandeur to him. He won’t limit himself to petty dickishness and being creepy around the princess anymore; his dickness will be great and shake entire worlds. Fine with me. In the end, InahOdin will hand him his just retribution.

    1. That makes more sense. Although I am surprised the gravitational effect from the debris isn’t negligible. I guess it’s less surprising when your’e sniping an entire orbit away like Slaine lol.

      Yeah, I’m much happier with Slaine’s dickishness in this episode as well. At least he’s (sort of) being a dick to the people who most deserve it now.

  3. Yeah. The count genuinely care for him when he made Slaine his adopted son. And he followed Slaine’s wish to put the princess in life sustaining tank even though he originally really wanted to kill her.
    How could you do this, Slaine?
    I wasn’t wrong about you.
    You are dick and asshole.
    You could have escaped with the princess instead of such a cruel betrayal.
    Just you wait. Inaho-kun shall stab Gungnir up your asshole and do the princess in front of you.

  4. I feel like the writer wants to make Slaine a cross of Lelouch + Suzaku but is trying too hard. Getting vibes he is also made to be -somewhat- of a ‘hate’ character who thinks he is acting for the greater good. None of them seem to be working well though, because to be honest I’m just laughing all the way as the series progresses 😀

  5. You’d hate Slaine even if he turned Jesus Christ. Just let it go. Having such a negative fixation over a fictional character makes you look like a preteen kid IMO.

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