Expelled From Paradise Review — D+


A girl from a virtual world meets a guitar player and they help out a robot.

This movie was basically an excuse to have some robot battles involving a girl with a big butt and to deliver some heavy-handed exposition on the nature of life. Mostly a waste of time. Although seeing a robot wearing a baseball cap and playing guitar was kind of amusing I guess?


The main character was this girl who was supposed to be a badass secret agent. Rie Kugimiya was pretty much the worst casting choice possible, and that’s who they picked. It didn’t work at all. She sounded like a little girl.

The lead male was this guy who played guitar. His only role in the movie was to follow the girl around and spout profound words of wisdom that really weren’t all that profound. It was extremely annoying. Also, he and the girl were supposed to become best friends or some shit like that but it felt more like he was her grandpa. Whatever.

  • Storytelling – C – The plot wasn’t compelling. But cool explosions?
  • Voice – D – Distinctive butts and bad animation?
  • Characters – F – Weakest part of the movie. The robot was the most interesting character. Not joking.
  • Attention Grab – C – Lots of explosions.
  • Production – C – Mixed feelings. The CG or whatever they did worked well for the battles but not for the characters.
  • Overall – D+

Recommendations – Dennou Coil, Noein, Summer Wars

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