Aldnoah Zero 17 — Let Slaine Eat Bird Shit


Slaine, Lord of the Birds.

I liked this episode quite a bit. The lines between sides in the war is starting to blur as Slaine’s deceit is revealed. Unity among the Martians breaks down, as one noble challenges Slaine to a duel for power, and another conspires with Inaho to rescue the princess and bring peace.


There was an interesting scene with Inaho’s sister in which she begs him not to fight and tells him there’s no reason for him to fight.


It was refreshing to see him tell her that there’s no reason for her to fight either. As he said, she became a soldier, but there was no reason for her to become a soldier. Enjoyed the part where he walks off into the distance and we see her hand chase after him and stop. People love to hate on Inaho but I do enjoy this part of his character. Whereas the typical mecha protagonist will be all hot and bothered about having to fight, Inaho takes things logically and in stride.


Also, excellent scene with Rayet. I’d kind of forgotten about her, but now that she has a larger role in this episode, I’m starting to think she makes a much better match for Inaho than Asselyum does. Bot she and Inaho are fundamentally broken people, but in complementary ways. Inaho is cold and unemotional, while Rayet is filled with anger and hatred.


Rayet has the passion that Inaho fundamentally lacks, while Inaho has the ability to forgive which Rayet desperately wants.


8 thoughts on “Aldnoah Zero 17 — Let Slaine Eat Bird Shit

  1. CHIGAU.

    And that part with Slaine going on about keeping birds in a cage to preserve their beauty while heavily breathing over the fishtank with Asseylum inside was CREEEEEEEPY. Dude is basically turning into Norman Bates, except instead of his mom it’s with his wannabe lovebird.

    1. CHIGAU.

      Ha ha! This was stupid. Tsundere Rayet is a silly idea too.

      So I guess in the next episode nobody is tried and sentenced for assisting a POW in escape?

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