Amagi Brilliant Park 02 – 03 — Rebuilding the Park


Cute mascot animals don’t have a lick of business sense. Who’d have thought it?

I just caught up on the past two episodes of this show, and I’m really enjoying it. What this show does best is its sense of humor. It has some great moments, such as:




It’s a very goofy sort of humor. But I like it a lot. It fits perfectly with the cute magical features delivering the jokes.

I also love the main character. The best thing about him? His humility.



He’s great.

I’m not sure his business strategies are as brilliant as he thinks they are though. A swimsuit video? To attract families with children? Seriously?

Although with the joke it was worth it:



And even better, how it led to the best mascot character, Triceratops:



All in all, despite the magical and cute exterior, it’s a bit of a depressing show. All the people at the amusement park are trying their hardest, but it still isn’t enough. Their work is dull and repetitive, they aren’t appreciated for it, their customers abuse them, and their business isn’t successful. After work, all they have time to do is sit around drinking and talking about work.


At least they get to laugh a lot at their jobs.

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