Amagi Brilliant Park 04 — Confrontation


I actually wasn’t expecting the story to go here. Color me impressed. Sento is a terrible, terrible manager. She solves every single issue that confronts her with the barrel of her gun. I thought that they would play this off for the rest of the show’s airtime just for laughs.


But in this episode, Kanie confronts her about. He’s not very subtle about it either. He just says it like it is, that she’s horrible at dealing with people, and she’s holding him back.


He probably could have stood to phrase that a bit more nicely, since she doesn’t take it too well. I wouldn’t have either. The reason it hurts so much, I suspect, is because she knows it’s true. The two aren’t on speaking terms for a bit.


The way the issue is resolved, in the end, is that Kanie shares his own weakness with Sento. Then they can be on even footing again, because they’re both weak together.

I’ve found that to be the best way to resolve this sort of problem as well. Although his weakness is not much of a weakness…


Also these kids are hilarious.

2 thoughts on “Amagi Brilliant Park 04 — Confrontation

  1. Well, I think that Sento can cooperate with others without resorting to her musket in order to get something done! (Remember how she solved the water drainage incident!) I think her upbringing caused her to behave that way and I don’t blame her at all considering the pressure she received in order to live up to her family name. Though aside from all this, it seems that Kanie and the other cast members will have to deal with a dragon that just woke up, next time! Now, that would be pretty interesting. 😀

    1. Yeah, there’s definitely a reason she is that way. And she is good at certain things, especially taking charge in an emergency situation.

      But from day to day operations she’s pretty bad at dealing with people…

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