Amagi Brilliant Park 06 — Hiring Time


I probably should have listened to you guys and blogged Parasyte instead. I really suck at blogging comedies. It was funny. What else is there to say?

Part of the humor comes from the cynical realism of the show. We have the cute fluffy animals watching porn and hatching plots. The job interview results in them hiring everyone who doesn’t try to murder anyone during the interview. They’re probably going to run out of money before the park shuts down for not having enough guests.


Eventually Moffett gives in and just stops caring in order to preserve his sanity. Can’t really blame him.


And Isuzu has more pressing concerns about the candidates’ suitability for the job.

The main character seems to be the most socially well-adjusted.



But then again, I guess they’re all a bunch of misfits.

2 thoughts on “Amagi Brilliant Park 06 — Hiring Time

  1. Haha! Yeah, you really should have blogged Parasyte instead. Also as for the interviews, they really were hilarious…. Though, I wonder how the new female applicants will fare in future episodes. 🙂

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