Fate / Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 05 — Rin Acts Tsundere and Makes Funny Faces


I swear they’re animating this show as an excuse to draw funny Rin faces. No complaints.

This episode consists of Rin attempting to kill Shirou, followed by Rin saving Shirou’s life and blushing a lot.


It was kind of funny how he ran off while she was trying to kill him and she got mad at him when he didn’t wait. How rude!







I can’t resist!


They’re really taking advantage of the fact that we’ve seen Fate / Zero in this adaptation. I think these details were there in the original novel, but they weren’t nearly as central to the story. Or at least they weren’t emphasized in the same way.


Really want to but I shouldn’t make dirty jokes about this.

Part of the problem in blogging something where I’m already aware of what happens is that I can’t engage in baseless speculation, since I already know what happens.

This episode was a big improvement over the last one, mainly for having more action. It still feels a bit slow paced though.


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