Cross Ange 06 — Ange Buys a Slave

No lesbian buttrape this week! Instead Ange becomes a slave owner.



We start off unloading a cargo of bras. Ange’s maid has snuck aboard, hiding in the place they’d last suspect, buried in underwear.


Ange takes off her clothes. The loyal maid promises to serve her.

But, surprise surprise, Ange is a total bitch to her. She gets pissed about everything.


The bullies continue to bully Ange, by throwing tiny screws at her. They try to bully Ange’s maid too but Ange is so much better at that that their attempts are useless.


They point out that the maid is just like Ange when she first arrived.

They’re right, we’re repeating the same things all over again. Can we please move on…?


The maid is amazed by the wonders of a monetary system.


It’s unfortunate she came in search of a cold-blooded bitch like Ange instead of becoming an economics professor.


Ange and her maid bathe naked together, touch each others’ bodies, and reconcile.


Ange kills some dragons to earn some money and purchases the maid to be her slave.


The maid is pretty annoying. But I imagine she’ll either die or get buttraped soon enough…

It doesn’t seem like we’ll ever move on from the “Ange is a bitch” arc. Oh well…

2 thoughts on “Cross Ange 06 — Ange Buys a Slave

  1. Oh come on now. Ange stopped being a bitch to Vivian and Ersha at least. She even let Vivian tap her shoulder and didnt freak out. She is only a bitch to Hilda and her bitches and undermining poor Salia

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