Another 10 — Get a Room

“I just want to look at some pictures… if you catch my drift.”

“Will you dance with me? I’ve always dreamed of this, Misaki.”

Grab Your Pitchforks

So the previous deaths were prevented by someone accidentally murdering the extra person. This is becoming a game of Mafia. Let’s hope they don’t start killing people at random. Everyone seems to be starting to lose it in this giant mansion that looks like the perfect setting for a game of clue. It looks like we already had one murder.

Izumi sure isn’t helping, either. Why does she think now is a good time to play the blame game? Besides, it was entirely the fault of her and the rest of the class, not Misaki. How was Kouichi supposed to know he couldn’t talk to her if no one bothered to tell him that? This entire problem could have been stopped in its tracks if Izumi had simply told Kouichi that Misaki was invisible.

I’m not sure why Misaki has suddenly obtained the mystic eyes of death perception, but ok. They sure have liked the cheap cliffhangers lately, with this and the tape ripping. My hunch at the moment is that Izumi is the Another, simply because she’s one of the four students that gets any screen time. Although the fact that she’s Kouichi’s childhood friend seems to contradict that. My second choice is Kouichi’s friend who apparently just defenestrated someone. If it’s not him or Izumi, and it’s not Kouichi or Misaki, then who else is left?


Have some pictures of everyone’s favorite character.

I’m guessing she was supposed to be younger in this flashback when she met Kouichi, but she looks exactly the same to me.

That was quite a tumble.

And at the bottom it’s love at first sight. I tend to never root for the childhood friend, but it seems I’ll have to make an exception.


10 thoughts on “Another 10 — Get a Room

  1. This episode showed, maybe in the most lucid explanation yet, that the whole plot is this absurdly convoluted scenario kept aloft by whole generations of students’, teachers’, and parents’ willing participation in unbelievable stupidity. How anyone survives a typical cursed year is beyond me.

    1. Any plots that rely on brainwashing the entire town tend to have their flaws. I’m really curious if they can wrap this up at the end with any semblance of logic.

  2. I love Mafia. This anime should’ve been Mafia from the start. We need a Mafia anime. Mafia rocks. So does anime. Together it will be Mafiawesome.

  3. “This entire problem could have been stopped in its tracks if Izumi had simply told Kouichi that Misaki was invisible.”
    Well, saying Misaki is invisible is acknowledging that she exists.To be honest, I’m not sure if there was any good way to tell Kouichi to pretend Mei doesn’t exist. Though it seems to be a moot point, since the curse likely started before Kouichi got out of the hospital in May.

    “I’m not sure why Misaki has suddenly obtained the mystic eyes of death perception, but ok.”
    When she showed her fake eye to Kouichi, she did say it allows her to see that which shouldn’t be seen–so it was at least alluded to earlier in the series. There wasn’t any reason for her to bring up her ability until now, though.

    Akazawa’s dream seems to refer to a time not too long ago, since she and Kouichi look exactly the same as they do now. In fact, Kouichi is wearing the outfit he wore at the hospital back in the first episode. I think this implies that Kouichi met Akazawa while he was at the hospital, but for some reason the both of them have forgotten this (presumably because of the curse).
    I’m curious about this brother Akazawa is referring to in the dream, and what happened with him. It could be another death from the curse, I suppose…?
    Akazawa’s fall looked quite painful. x_x I also wonder if she’s the dead extra, but it’s still a bit hard to say. Teshigawara also seems like an interesting option, but I’ve heard several other characters suggested… including Kazumi, Mochizuki, Mikami-sensei, and even Mei and Kouichi. It’s fun to speculate! I might try watching some past episodes to look for more clues.

    1. @Cholisose: There was a way for Izumi to tell Koichi of the class rules without breaking the ostracism on Mei. She could have told Chibiki to explain the situation to Koichi. The old professor is allowed to speak because he isn’t part of class 3-3.

      1. Ah, good point, that would have worked. Although then is she acknowledging Mei’s existence to the teacher? It’s hard to say what’s against the rules when no one knows why this method even works to counter the curse in the first place.

    2. True, it is hard to tell someone that Mei doesn’t exist without acknowledging that she exists. Although without telling Kouichi, the countercurse won’t work no matter what. So you’d think they would have tried something, at least.

      That would make more sense if they met recently. Why would they forget though? I guess it could be explained if Izumi had died. That little fall down the hill doesn’t seem like it should be sufficient to kill her though.

  4. You’re right, based on what we know it could well be Izumi. This would mean that someone has to kill her in order to get rid of the curse, right? This would surely be the climax of this show!

    But then again, my best guess would be either Misaki Mei (for her general creepiness) or Mochizuki who also gets screentime and whose death would leave the couples Kouichi/ Mei and Teshigawara/ Izumi alive.

    I also agree that “young” Izumi doesn’t look any younger than in the show’s present. Maybe she doesn’t age (which would support the case of her being the Another)? Recently (cf. also my comment on your Mirai Nikki 15 post re 9th) I noticed that I’m quite attracted by girls who tie their hair w/ ribbons which seems to be common only in the anime world nowadays.

    1. Mochizuki’s an interesting possible, I’d forgotten about him. I can’t really think of any hints that would make me think it’s him, but then again, I can’t for anyone else either… I don’t think it’s the kind of mystery we’re actually supposed to be able to solve.

      That’s possible, another commenter thought it was because it wasn’t too long ago and their memories were erased because of the Another. Both seem plausible.

      I like ribbons in the hair as well. Don’t think I’ve seen anyone over the age of ten wear them in real life though. 🙁

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