Mirai Nikki 21 — Live by the Bomb, Die by the Bomb

Not my favorite episode of Mirai Nikki. As most of my readers already know, I love Ninth. But come on. This was just silly.

How sad, she was a poor girl who lived in a war zone and had to steal bread to survive. Maybe this would have mattered twenty episodes ago. But now, I couldn’t care less. This doesn’t even explain why she became a terrorist anyway. The majority of poor girls in third world countries do not become terrorists. And seeing the ghost of her childhood self was just silly. Perhaps it would have been more moving if they introduced Ninth’s back story earlier. But the way they did it, it felt like they were just going for cheap sympathy.

Plus, her whole plan to kill Yukki made no sense. She would help to kill eleventh and then kill Yukki… except when the first kink comes up in Yukki’s plan she immediately decides to kill him instead.  With this and how they treated Nishijima, the TV show sure gave Ninth short shrift.


The highlight of this episode was Yuno, as usual. I especially loved how she offed eleventh. He’s sitting there drinking wine in the bank vault, which only the real Gasai Yuno can access (what a contrived setup, by the way), when the door opens.

Yuno’s smile is so terrifying. I can sympathize.

The episode ending was good as well. I guess I enjoyed the rest of the episode aside from Ninth’s death.

6 thoughts on “Mirai Nikki 21 — Live by the Bomb, Die by the Bomb

  1. The look on Yuno’s face when peering into the vault was pretty amazing. I’m thinking there will need to be a top 10 Yuno faces for this series once it’s over.
    I was pretty surprised that both Ninth and Eleventh were killed off, just like that. I was thinking Eleventh was going to be a sort of final boss, but… nope. And at this rate, even the impending destruction of the entire world probably won’t be the final conflict. Surely something even more insane will happen by the end of the next episode. =P
    Looking forward to seeing how it all goes.

  2. Top 10 Yuno faces! Love this idea, but not an easy task…

    Other than the bank vault scene, ones I can think of:

    episode 1: “I will protect you, Yukii~~”
    episode 3: “good night, Yukii~~”
    episode 4: “I will kill you, bitch”
    episode 5: “how dare you defile my Yuki!”
    episode 6: “no need to use my tools…”
    episode 13: yandere queen on her “throne”
    episode 15: “Yuki praised me!!”
    “Yuki will love me again if I kill you!”
    episode 18: creepy bunny

    Many more to pick from =)

  3. Seconded, Ninth’ end was sort of a letdown. Actually, I secretly had hoped that Ninth would be the final survivor.

    What I liked most from the end of Eleventh is that Yuno did not waste any words. Quiten often in these situations the characters have a lengthy discussion of their motives which gives the antagonist time to think of a way to escape. Not so if you have Yuno against you. Too bad, though, that she did not use her sword!

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