Another 12 — Damn It!

I was wondering why this anime about a murder mystery in a secluded town didn’t have a dam. Well, here we go. I should have known not to be impatient.

Another, despite how awful the beginning was, actually had a pretty solid ending. Well, the deaths continued to be hilariously dumb. But if you just treat all the deaths as jokes attempting to get a chuckle out of you it works pretty well. My favorite this episode was the four people running down the stairs who had a chandelier fall on their heads.

Words of Wisdom

After approaching a burning mansion and knocking out a blood-splattered woman chasing two boys with a knife out a window, this has to be the best line of the show:

And for a close second:

Truer words of wisdom were never spoken.

For another moment of blazing stupidity, we have Kouichi stop and take out his cellphone to make a call in the middle of a burning building that’s collapsing around him.


Awesome fight sequence! Yes! It’s too bad Izumi couldn’t be more patient and have her showdown with the actual Another. Warning: Izumi picdump ahead (I really had to restrain myself this week)!

Nooo, Izumi!!! How can you stab her after looking into those eyes?!!

Don’t do it!!!!

Uh oh, a lightning strike. Glass? Psssh, it’s already well established that falling glass is the only item on the face of the earth that can’t kill people.

WHAT?!! A shocking twist! Who could have guessed that she would die from falling glass?! IZUMIIIIIIIII!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

We will always remember you!

The End

Wait? Reiko and the teacher were the same person? I completely forgot this (or was it supposed to be a twist…?).

Kouichi earns some respect here for doing the dirty deed himself.

Nothing’s really resolved though. It looks like the exact same thing will happen again next year. Oh well, someone else’s problem. Perhaps a sequel? But now that they killed off Izumi, I’m not particularly interested.

9 thoughts on “Another 12 — Damn It!

    1. Yeah, she always had funky smiles though. And I can’t blame her for not having a smile on her face for defeating the curse after half the class is dead.

  1. Can anyone kindly enlighten me on this thought, that Mei is a heartless bastard for keeping the most valuable key on defeating the curse. Even if they haven’t got the solution to prevent the curse, knowing the Another is a good step forward. I mean, if you know who the dead is, you can do that “ignore” thing and things might go back to normal, or until a solution is found.

    Also, seeing your classmates die in front of you knowing the cause, is pretty cold. How can you stand there and feel nothing? It like she doesn’t care about her classmates, or to any human being. If Kouchi didn’t came, she would had gone on with these things going and kept it from the class.

    I don’t think this is normal. Yes, she is bullied of sorts. But either she breaks or do something, but being indifferent is something that I don’t think any person would do.

    What do you guys think?

    1. I think Mei is actually a living doll and appreciates the deaths to fill the empty space inside of her (this being a sidestory unrelated to the calamity). No, just joking.

      But in earnest, I’d guess Mei might have some sort of a personality disorder. Maybe she has difficulty to feel empathy? Maybe some trauma, e.g. being sent away from her family to that relative who implants her that creepy doll’s eye?

      1. I can’t bring myself to belive that the author look into it that far. If they can’t comprehend the dangers of having a conversation in a middle of a blazing bulding. Mental complexities are far outside their realm of grasp. But it is a good suggestion nevertheless.

    2. I didn’t get it either. You’d think she would have done something to prevent the deaths since she knew who the extra person was. Although I guess in practice, she’d probably get arrested for murder. And she didn’t even know that killing the Another would stop the curse until a few episodes ago. Still, you have to wonder why she didn’t do something about it earlier.

  2. Thank you for the many wonderful Izumi pictures! The creators quite often seemed to have traded in animation for detail in this show (e.g. when Kouichi and Mei walk alongside the river in the last scene it’s just a long loop). Izumi’s fights with Kouichi and with Mei, however, were both well-animated and very detailed. Re your fourth Izumi pic from above: Wouldn’t mind being in Mei’s position even with Izumi trying to stab me! I also loved the short scene where the teacher prevents her from killing Kouichi (will post a pic later).

    There were also quite a few good shots of Mei. Did you notice that her doll’s eye actually moves shortly after she takes off the eyepatch in her final Izumi fight?

    I can’t quite emphasize with Kouichi even though I understand that it might have been imperative what he did. Funny thing that the shied away from showing the gore, though.

    1. The scene I was referring to in my first paragraph start at 4:28. Izumi herself and her hair is animated nicely for a few seconds.

      I don’t like Izumi’s face that much when she’s in maniac mode like in your two pictures above “Don’t do it!!!!” – her eyes get smaller and the chin becomes too dominant. She looks good though, imho, when she’s just annoyed as in this picture: .

    2. Yeah, Izumi had some great animation this episode! Although I’m a bit disappointed with how she ended up. 🙁

      I didn’t notice that her doll’s eye moved, but that’s odd…

      It is odd they didn’t show any gore for the teacher’s death, especially considering how little hesitancy they’ve shown up to this point.

      And I agree, Izumi looks better with larger eyes. But angry Izumi is good too!

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