Ao no Exorcist Kyoto Fujuou-hen — First Impressions

The most horrifying thing anyone can ever say to you.

Apparently this aired six years ago. My goodness, it feels like it was yesterday.

It seems the same as the first season, as far as I can remember. The main good thing this has going for it is Purple, who is as good as I remember.

I remember this one having a lot of drama between the kids, too, especially the brother, which was super angsty but mostly decent. This first episode took things pretty far though— were his friends aside from Purple always such assholes? Honestly, I’m not sure how my opinion of them can ever recover after this episode. “Blue flames can kill people!!! And you’ve been my best friend for a year, but you made a blue flame to save my life, so now I hate you too!” Jesus. Grow the fuck up you little turds. I get that they’re trying to go for a “discrimination is bad!!!” kind of story but this is a terrible way of showing that. This isn’t discrimination against demons, this is simply idiocy.

This does remind me of the time my friend told the Romanian exchange student that blue fire is cold, and he immediately put his finger in the flame and screamed “American cold fire is hot!!!” Then later that summer the two of them filled a sink with bug spray and threw a match in… fun times…

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