Seiren — First Impressions

A high school boy thinks the girl who is outrageously flirting with him is bullying him, as draggle basks in his own depravity.

Whoa, I was expecting nothing from this, and it ended up being a great first episode! Reminds me of Amagami and Kimikiss. I’m hopeful that the storytelling will be more like Kimikiss (please no multiple tracks with the same guy, there do seem to be multiple male characters), combined with the ridiculousness of Amagami.

I thought the main girl in this episode was great, but really, gay ship is best ship.

Looking forward to the rest of this.

2 thoughts on “Seiren — First Impressions

  1. It does take place in the same universe as Amagami SS. And it is going to be omnibus(3 girls this cour, the rest next cour).

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