Aoi Sekai no Chuusin de — First Impression

This show’s level of innuendo is what Sword Art Online can only dream of.

It’s about the war between Sega and Nintendo on a fantasy continent. I always played Nintendo, so I’m not sure who all these Sega people are… I get Sonic, Tails and Tetris, but that’s about it. This series is about fifteen years too late.

But still, I mostly enjoyed it. It was funny. I think I’ll appreciate it more once they get into the Nintendo side of things. I do feel bad though because I have to root for the bad guys.

6 thoughts on “Aoi Sekai no Chuusin de — First Impression

  1. Ended up watching this, since I grew up playing a Sega Genesis (and later a Dreamcast). The references were kind of fun, though in the end this is still a pretty dumb show with random ecchi thrown in.

    The girl with pointed ears looks a lot like Nei from Phantasy Star II. The Phantasy Star series did a lot for setting the foundation of console RPGs, and even then is still pretty unique in some ways (eg more of a sci-fi setting rather than traditional fantasy). This link details the series’ influence on the genre:

    The archer girl seems to be based on Opa Opa from Fantasy Zone, which is a really fun game where you’re a winged space ship that goes around shooting what appears to be Willy Wonka candy character knock-offs. It’s kind of trippy and cute at the same time.

    According to a forum, the commander is somehow supposed to represent Columns, which is a game somewhat like Tetris. Basically you always have blocks of three, and you rotate them so that you get blocks of the same color next to each other, making them disappear. It’s a good puzzle game, but unfortunately lacked the infinitely more catchy tune of Tetris.

    Like you implied, this show feels like it was made long after it would’ve actually been pertinent. XP

      1. Luckily, each of those games is on the Ultimate Sega Genesis Collection for the PS3 (and Xbox 360, I think), if you happen to have one. There’s 40-50 or so games on it, IIRC, including all the classic Sonic games.

  2. This is the best thing ever! I NEED MORE! Sadly I heard the next “episode” is going to be a while until release according to Jrow it looks like 2013 sometime? I have no clue, but it was still a lot of fun

    Sonic, Mario, Yoshi and Link? LOL to good~

    1. Whoa, seriously? I thought this was going to be a normal series… I’m going to totally forget this existed by that point.

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