Aquarion EVOL — First Impression

Wow. That was unbelievable. It was quite possibly the dumbest show I’ve seen since… the first Aquarion.

Why, Japan, why?! You could have made any anime you wanted. And you decided to make a sequel to GENESIS OF AQUARION?!!! What the hell were you thinking?!

Let’s start with the good parts of this episode. Mikono’s character design was cute.

Ok, onto the bad parts. Mikono is walking sack of clingy whininess. Amata has less personality than a pile of horse manure. I have no bloody clue who anyone else is, even though it seems like I’m supposed to. I don’t know who they’re fighting. I don’t know who they are. I don’t know what they’re fighting with. I don’t know why I should care.

Mikono and Amata’s “relationship” is pretty much the corniest thing imaginable. They meet at the movie theater, and are the reincarnation of the fated lovers (I assume). They go on a date, hug each other, fly into the sky, and Mikono spends the rest of the episode crying and sitting on Amata’s lap. It made me want to barf.

So did corny lines like this:

And obnoxious poses and lines like this:

One last thing, piloting robots in the universe of Aquarion involves participation in an orgy. Except the people in this show act like kindergartners who think they’ll get cooties if they talk to boys / girls and don’t wear their chastity stones.

Obviously, I’m dropping this one. (actually, I dropped it before I finished the first episode.)

16 thoughts on “Aquarion EVOL — First Impression

    1. Well, yeah, it’s the dumbest show I saw since Zero no Tsukaima F yesterday too. But it’s the only show I saw since then, so that doesn’t say much…

  1. I liked how you pointed out the cast’s ignorance towards the other gender, it was quite annoying. However, you forgot another good point of this show, it is…very…colorful. All the pilots glow a different color/aura and there’s even more shinies in the background. =]

    1. True, it is very colorful! I’m not entirely sure whether that should be classified as a good or bad point though.

  2. I like that we’re getting two mechas this season. The biggest mech show of 2011 (to my knowledge) was Infinite Stratos…

    1. Yep! Not a lot of mecha for 2011 and I think you are correct! Only Infinite stratos…but you could count Gundam AGE if you watch that so technically three big mecha shows.

    2. There was also Star Driver, and Gundam Unicorn, if you want to count that. I’m not sure if I would even count Infinite Stratos as mecha, it’s more like an exoskeleton. But yeah, it’s been pretty slim pickings.

  3. Not a fan of Aquarion huh? That is fine I love mecha anime a lot! But I will agree Aquarion is not the best ever. Yeah the whole ewww boys and ewwww girls thing was annoying…seriously?! And LOLOL good god the cheesy lines I was like oh man they are having a battle on who can be the most emo.

    Anyway I will probably “watch” this even thou I have to do a first impression post soon, but from the sound of other bloggers this series is going to flop…so sad…

    1. I love mecha a lot too, but not everyone can be as positive as you. 🙂 The cooties thing was ridiculous… especially when they were amazed to find girls in the mecha, and then it turned out they had come from the same room.

  4. I also like the theme song insert song thingy. I am actually hype to see that OP next episode. I probably won’t last far beyond that.

    I mean seriously, I’m not expecting the next LoGH but is this what mecha is now? This made the Macross Frontier movies look pretty easy to follow. The main character meets the heroine/love interest in a movie theater? Is this a chick flick now? Then, right on cue, Neo-Venezia is invaded by a powerful robot piloted by unambiguously evil character. From DEEP IN HIS HEART Amata summons AQUARION, uniting the mechs into one super-mech, TTGL-style, useless Nia included. Of course, the transformation scene is as homo as possible. It’s like Macross Frontier and the Power Rangers decided to take their worst traits and put them all together.
    I also despite Cayenne as a character. What a complete douchebag.

    1. This isn’t what mecha is now so much as it’s what Aquarion has always been. I don’t know why anyone would think that giving it a sequel was a good idea…

      I think I must have dropped this before Cayenne did anything, but I’m not surprised to hear he’s a douchebag.

  5. Ugh…The plot, there was none. The character designs were awesome! Mikono looks adorable, and Amata isn’t half bad looking either. Heck, Kagura was drool worthy. But all of the personalities changed through out the series and overall, made no sense. Plus, Zessica was a snarky s-l-u-t who made some rather unimpressive moves/comments throughout every episode. The creator must’ve made all of this on a whim. A very, very, ugly whim.

    1. Eh, the plot was certainly corny but I didn’t think it was that bad. I don’t know why you’d say Zessica was a slut, if anyone’s a slut it would be Amata and Mikono.

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