Winter 2012 — First Impression

Same drill as usual, I’ve ranked this season’s first episodes from worst to best. Who knows whether this will be reflective of how the shows actually end up. You can click the links for more on each show, so I’ve kept this short.

19. Aquarion EVOL
Let’s pretend this never happened. 

18. Recorder to Randsell
Why do they keep making these three minute shows?

17. High School DxD
Decent start, but it is what it is.

16. Kill Me Baby
Hyperactive and not funny.

15. Thermae Romae
Not bad, but it’s not that funny.

14. Brave 10
It started off good, but it is a reverse harem.

13. Zero no Tsukaima Final
You know what to expect by now.

12. Rinne no Lagrange
It has mecha… but it looks like it will be pretty cheesy.

11. Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai!
I enjoyed the school life segment, but do not like the two little sisters.

10. The Knight in the Area
Promising characters, but it’s shounen.

9. Nisemonogatari
Someone please restrain Shinbo.

8. Amagami SS+
The first episode was great. The second wasn’t. I predict that trend continues.

7. Ano Natsu de Matteru
A generic but solid romantic comedy.

6. Another
Horror, with a promising setup, although not the creepiest setting yet.

5. Senki Zesshou Symphogear
Good style. And yuri.

4. Daily Lives of High School Boys
Hilarious Gintama-style comedy.

3. Mouretsu Pirates
A promising setup for the setting and characterization.

2. Inu x Boku SS
The two lead characters have great chemistry.

1. Tantei Opera Milky Holmes 2
Just as hilarious as I remember it.

Overall, this season doesn’t have as strong a lineup as the last three. But it’s not that bad. There are still six shows that I’m enthusiastic about.

8 thoughts on “Winter 2012 — First Impression

  1. Aquarion EVOL- Agreed! Something about that series says please….please…forget me! I like Aquarion but not sure on this new series quite yet. I will probably continue watching it just to see where things go or I will watch just to stare at Zessica…yeah >.>

    High School DxD- mindless fun for me! After all that show is out in both censored and uncensored so it should please the fans that always scream when sunbeam-chan comes to block people. Episode two was a bit better and I think the actor for “Shu” should stick to comedy, he made me laugh so much! Action shows are not for him…

    Rinne no Lagrange- Looked like garbage for pre-air episode and then I saw the 720 version not bad at all. Yes you are correct probably very very cheesy for a few episodes as Madoka magically learns how to pilot her mecha in a matter of hours…Still fun even if they resort to fan service every chance they get…

    Daily Lives of High School Boys- YES!! Love that series and it is soooo Gintama <3 I will watch that compared to Kill me baby for comedy Daily Lives is 100x better for jokes and laughs.

    Mouretsu Pirates- I was excited for that series when I learned about it and saw some trailers, it is a bit slow for the first two episodes but I love the world they have set up for us. I can't wait to see Marika dressed up in her pirate outfit! I have to draw a picture of her soon.

    Lots of hits and lots of misses so far! Which is typical of most seasons of new anime.

    1. I have become a bit more optimistic after seeing the second episode of Lagrange in 720. We’ve all gotten spoiled and can’t tolerate the awful quality like we used to.

      But yeah, lots of hits and misses, and more misses than hits, per usual.

  2. I agree that Milky Holmes is quite promising but how depressing that the “throwaway show” takes the #1 spot of a season where we last year had the likes of Hourou Musuko and Madoka!

    Besides Milky Homes I will certainly watch Another (the most promising one for me), Mouretsu Pirates and Nisemonogatari (the most intelligent shows), Amagami (I just love the franchise) and Thermae Romae/ BRS (the former I found quite funny, the latter is a given for me).

    Most likely I will also stick with Brave10 (reverse harem but decent action) and with Inu x Boku (for the heroine’s outfits, as long as I can stand the annoying bishie).

    Not sure about AnoNatsu (underwhelming animation and the heroine is just not my type) and Papakoto (though I like the middle and the older girl). Will watch another one or two episodes and see how they develop.

    I dropped Symphogear immediately but will follow your blog to see if this was an error. I also dropped Rinne after ep. 1. It seems to me like G.C. minus animation quality.

    1. I was actually thinking that the winter season is usually a let down, but you’re right, last winter was amazing! I guess it’s just that the entire last year was a pretty good one.

      I forgot all about Black Rock Shooter. Based on the OVA, I’m not optimistic though…

      I’ve found Symphogear decent, but not great so far. And I completely agree on Lagrange. Madoka is pretty much the female version of Shuu.

  3. Uh, Brave10 isn’t a harem. It’s a shounen. The guys aren’t all fawning after Isanami, she is only interested in the protag anyway. It surprised me by having a decent first ep as it did though.

    1. Huh. I looked it up and MAL lists it as seinen. It sure felt like it was intended for a female audience to me, though. But now I’m a bit more enticed to watch this just to see…

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