Brave 10 — First Impression

The bishie show of the season. With ninjas. And screaming out “hidden” technique names.

It actually isn’t quite as bad as it sounds. The characters do seem somewhat interesting, and there’s fighting with mild gore. (I like how I now consider a single amputation “mild.”) The political intrigue had some potential, at least until it turned out that all the bishounens were actually working in secret to protect the girl.

But still, it’s a bishounen ninja show. Dropped.

7 thoughts on “Brave 10 — First Impression

  1. I was pretty surprised by this one, actually. It reminded me a lot of Samurai 7.
    I at least found this episode entertaining, though the characters all felt rather cliche. Perhaps they’ll become more interesting as the series develops, though I see that being rather tricky when there’s supposedly going be ten of these guards/fighters, and in just 12 episodes.

    1. That’s a good comparison, it was a lot like Samurai 7. But Samurai 7 had steampunk, so I liked it more!

      I agree completely, the episode was entertaining but the characters did not grab me at all.

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