Zero no Tsukaima Final — First Impression

JC Staff does not seem to be all that inspired with the titles of their Shana and Shana-clone sequels lately.

So this episode was (surprise, surprise) pretty much along the same lines as the first three seasons. Saitou and Louise get in a pointless fight, Louise kicks Saitou out of the house, he runs to Siesta for comfort, goes back to find Louise in trouble, fights the robbers, Louise blows them to smithereens, they kiss and make up.

This show was never particularly good, but it was never particularly bad either. At this point I’ll keep watching, since I might as well finish. I will say that I prefer Zero no Tsukaima to Shana, just for the fact that it doesn’t take itself seriously. I would like it much more, though, if it had more Tabitha and less Louise, Siesta and Tifa.

2 thoughts on “Zero no Tsukaima Final — First Impression

  1. I will agree! Zero no Tsukaima was never a “good” series it was always just so…meh…and filled with few characters that I really could not care for! Louise is a good one but she wears you out fast! After she beats Saito it tends to get old…

    I was happy to see more Siesta and Tifa! Course they bring the fan service…and physics xDD But I have seen every season and that…beach episode! So yeah I have to finish this season to along with Shana III

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