Tantei Opera Milky Holmes 2 — First Impression

Milky Holmes was my most anticipated series of the season (ok, fine, it was my only anticipated series of the season), and the first episode didn’t disappoint.

Kill Me Baby spent twenty minutes telling joke after joke and I barely cracked a grin. For Milky Holmes, in the first ten seconds they fall in the pond, say “We fell in the pond!” and I’m already dying of laughter.

The whole episode is hilarious, as Milky Holmes as become even dumber than before. They’ve forgotten they want to become detectives and start farming instead. Henrietta and her thieves try to stop Milky Holmes and make them detectives again, but they are defeated by a flying Kokoro.

This was hilarious, the best first episode of the season by far, and I’ll definitely be watching. I probably won’t blog it though, since I never have much to say about comedies.

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