Mouretsu Pirates — First Impression

Our lead character inherits the captaincy of a crew of space pirates, equipped with a letter of marquee.

In English this show’s title is “Bodacious Space Pirates.” So how could this possibly go wrong? Well, the first episode had no piracy, no space, and no bodacity.

The first half of the episode was fairly dull, with a long piece of narration by the ship’s nurse. I’m still optimistic, though: the second half was more exciting, as we got a few explosions and a chase scene. I think that once the preliminaries are established, the show will become more bodacious and entertaining.

At the moment, the lead character isn’t too interesting, but I think she just needs time to develop. I already like the girl with glasses— she’s cool, strong and aloof, but quickly brought to her knees with a chocolate parfait.

One final thing, I’d been hearing that the opening was terrible to the point of being the worst opening ever, but I actually liked it. It was the most bodacious part of the episode by far, and the music was a vast improvement over the usual J-Pop. Clearly, anyone who thinks this is the worst opening ever either has terrible taste in music or did not have the misfortune of watching Kill Me Baby’s first episode.

8 thoughts on “Mouretsu Pirates — First Impression

    1. I only watched the Arcadia movie and the first fifteen episodes of the TV show so far, so I didn’t notice, but it seems like you found some. 🙂

  1. Seems rather generic. I’ll wait and see if this anime is worth picking up. Characters seem cute though.

      1. I would rank them Symphogear > this > Lagrange, Lagrange seems more generic to me. But it’s hard to tell from the first episode, this show could go either way.

    1. I don’t think I would call it generic, it definitely has a cool setting. I think as she becomes a pirate captain and less involved with her normal lifestyle things will get more interesting.

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