High School DxD — First Impression

Hyoudou, pervert in chief, finally gets a girlfriend. Unfortunately she is a succubus(?) and instead of kissing him after their first date, murders him instead. Hyoudo is resurrected by a red-haired woman. He gains heightened powers at night, but is nearly murdered again before the red-haired woman saves him a second time.

On the bright side, this show doesn’t pretend to be anything it’s not. Here’s the first line, right at the start of the show:

That about sums everything up.

The action is decent, and the main character is a pervert but he’s at least a pervert with some guts. This was a vast improvement over the first episode of Maken-ki with that orange-haired kid, who numbers among the most pathetic characters I’ve ever seen. So it seems promising compared to other shows of its genre.

But its genre is porn. Dropped with prejudice.

6 thoughts on “High School DxD — First Impression

  1. The main male character sometimes hurts this type of show. This one doesn’t seem too bad, though. I prefer an all-female cast like Queen’s Blade, though.

    If these shows didn’t have a weak main guy, they’d be hentais…

  2. Well…it was actually pretty good compared to most harems (if you can watch that much ecchi)…Fairly competent storyline and good comedy here and there (the power-up attacks made me laugh). Nothing special or must-see, though,.

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