The Knight in the Area — First Impression

Kakeru is a soccer team manager cheering on his brother Suguru, one of Japan’s greatest soccer players. But he onced nursed soccer-playing ambitions of his own…

Parts of this were really cheesy, including Kakeru repeating over and over again, “I like soccer,” the brother’s mad skills, all the girls chasing after him, and Kakeru and Nana’s relationship as childhood friends. Kakeru himself is not too likable. Somehow that grin just makes me want to punch him in the face. Oh, and the show’s title is retarded.

But there’s one aspect of this show that leaves me mildly optimistic: Kakeru’s retreat from soccer, and the relationship between the two brothers that resulted from this. Kakeru has a mixture of adoration and jealousy towards his brother that is all too true to life. It seems like the brother won’t be playing soccer much longer though— I hope he doesn’t die.

I’ll stick with this show for the time being, although I won’t be surprised if I end up dropping it.

3 thoughts on “The Knight in the Area — First Impression

  1. You did watch Cross Game, it feels like it has some elements from there. The story doesn’t seem to revolve much on football, but more on the relationship behind siblings and friends. It just so happens that they all play football.

    1. I actually haven’t seen Cross Game yet, it’s on my to do list though. I don’t really like sports, so the relationships are the part that interest me the most.

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