Amagami SS+ — First Impression

In this episode, we had Ayatsuji fight with an even more manipulative girl for the student council presidency. Both of them nominate Junichi for vice president, and he mistakes the other girl’s nomination for a love declaration. But it seems that she’s actually just trying to mess with Ayatsuji.

The episode was actually pretty good, although I don’t think this series had any need for a sequel. Ayatsuji was always fun to watch, and I like this new girl too. But Ayatsuji was the highlight of the last season too, so I imagine things will only go downhill from her arc.

The problem for me with the first season— aside from Junichi’s personality— was that my enjoyment varied wildly depending on the girl of the moment. The arcs for Ayatsuji and the stalker girl (I hope we get more of her!) were great. Ai’s arc was pretty good, Haruka’s and twintail’s were “meh”, but Kaoru and Rihoko’s were “blurgh.” We’ll see if the second series is the same. On the “plus” side, though, the series’ format easily allows you to skip over the characters you don’t like.

2 thoughts on “Amagami SS+ — First Impression

  1. You’re right, enjoyment of the first season depended on the arc, although I pretty much liked the show in total. My favourite arcs were: Haruka > Sae > Kaoru.

    Haruka is just so cool with her tall figure and blue eyes and her playful personality. She is one of my favourite anime characters!

    Sae was pretty ridiculous and funny being so innocent and naive. Kaoru attracted me for being a somewhat tragic character (a bit the same way as Anaru in AnoHana).

    It is so absurd that Sae rund for student council president. I hope she wins!

    The photo session with Ajatsuji was also pretty cool, watching her posing with sceptical look and reluctant smile.

    1. I liked the show in total too, although my favorite arcs differed. I guess that there is someone for everyone.

      Sae running for student president was pretty funny. Why is she running in her swimsuit? lol

      The photo shoot was ok, although I preferred when Ayatsuji was the one doing the bullying. 🙂

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