Daily Lives of High School Boys — First Impression

This was hilarious. Not quite Milky Holmes level, but still pretty funny.

At first I was concerned with the bread in the mouth and the Gundams that this would all be Otaku referential humor, but it’s not. The best comparison I can think of is that the sense of humor is quite similar to Gintama. The brown haired kid even talks exactly like Gintoki (they have the same voice actor).

This scene where only the guy who didn’t want to change into a skirt came back wearing one was where I really cracked up.

But these boys are wrong about the hole in the bottom of the skirt being shameful. Kilts have holes, and they’re the most manly piece of clothing ever invented. Although generally you can’t see underwear through the hole…

The meeting with the girl by the riverbank was my second favorite segment. The lines he said were hilarious, and the girl’s reaction was even better. It’s not clear if she’s in love, embarrassed, dying of laughter, or having a heart attack. Way to ruin the mood though!

12 thoughts on “Daily Lives of High School Boys — First Impression

    1. Gintama can be really hit or miss. For some arcs it’s the most hilarious thing ever (like the recent Elizabeth death star arc), and other times it’s just average.

    1. I haven’t read the manga, only seen the anime. The anime at least can be pretty hit or miss. And unfortunately the first ten or so episodes aren’t the greatest. But the good parts are hilarious.

  1. Nichibros 4 life!

    That skirt scene was freaking awesome and funny! Yeah when the other guys walked out with their pants I died…so trolled! And the river scene also great, I loved how the ending song was about the wind + the potato chip line…good lord I love this series xD

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