Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! — First Impression

Mixed feelings about this one. I did enjoy all the parts at the college. Raika is win. The friend and the club president are amusing. And our protagonist does have a personality.

But the three sisters… Ugh. The older one is ok. Her crush is pretty cute. I can accept a high school crush on a cousin / stepuncle much more than incest between sisters. Of course, what did they do with this crush? Have the stepuncle walk in on her naked in the bathroom. That served to douse my enthusiasm.

The middle sister is annoying. We did not need that panty shot. And the youngest sister? Oh God. Has anyone who makes anime ever seen a little kid before? I already am sick of her and it’s only the first episode.

7 thoughts on “Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! — First Impression

      1. Just saw episode 2, pretty big shock near the end. Hope it gets more value than just more fan service harem like the earlier half.

        1. I wasn’t too surprised, since he did have to become the Papa somehow, and the girls’ actual father just screamed “throw-away character.” But the drama (and the girl from college if she ever comes back) to make it more interesting than your average harem.

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