Ano Natsu de Matteru — First Impression

This is another romantic comedy by the creator of Please Teacher! and Please Twins! And it’s much along the same lines.

These shows aren’t anything amazing, as, well, they are romantic comedies, after all. But still, they’re definitely some of the most solid romantic comedies. They know what they want to do, and do it well. Set up some romance, toss in a bit of drama, a hint of overcoming limitations, and a touch of nostalgia, and we’re good to go.

One of the series’ strongest points is that they don’t skimp on their characters. Most importantly (and most unusually!) they take the time to develop their male leads. Sufficient time is given to the side cast as well. I can already tell you that my favorite character is Lemon-senpai, this universe’s Morino-senpai.

For the love triangle, I’m on team Kanna, even though Ichika is going to win. But despite having an enormous chest, Ichika isn’t that bad either.

I’m going to predict that some people will say this is the exact same thing as Please Teacher and Please Twins. But you’re overlooking one essential difference: the girl this time isn’t his teacher or his sister! So I can actually support her without feeling like a menace threatening the very fabric of society.

6 thoughts on “Ano Natsu de Matteru — First Impression

    1. In anime, a large chest tends to compensate for other deficiencies, I’ve found. See Hibino from Kamisama Dolls for an example. Large is fine, it’s just when it approaches the size of bowling balls that it becomes a problem. The girl from this show is right on the borderline.

  1. About as boring and cliche as you can get. I could only get halfway through the episode. Ugly looking visuals from JC Staff again. No thanks.

    1. It’s definitely not the most exciting or unique show. It’s not that good looking either. But eh, I like this kind of thing once in a while.

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