Argevollen — First Impressions


Yay, a mecha show!

Off to a decent start, although nothing amazing. It’s a realistic mecha show, more along the lines of UC Gundam than Buddy Complex and Valvrave.


Like your typical mecha show, the protagonist is a fucking idiot. He charges into battle by himself to save a random passerby and quickly gets his ass-handed to him. Fortunately he went to save a cute girl so it was worth it.

Of course, the girl is even dumber. She punches him in the face when he tells her to run away, and says that military bastards like him can’t understand, her job is on the line. Which is of course infinitely more valuable than her life.


Then they have a long, leisurely conversation while the guy’s friend fights the two robots who just defeated him 1 on 2 in the background, without a care in the world. We hear gunfire and an occasional explosion and he rarely even looks up.

I love mecha but sometimes I wish the characters in them could be slightly less stupid. That’s part of the reason I liked Valvrave so much, because at least Valvrave realizes how idiotic it is.

6 thoughts on “Argevollen — First Impressions

  1. They are people who took cartoons too seriously, and can’t simply enjoy what they see.
    I personally think that these robot design is really inefficient.
    Why the hell would you go to war using bipedal humanoid machine, which get shot easily, hard to control, and get toppled easily.
    If I am a mecha builder, I am going to make it spider drones. And they will be remote controlled.

    1. Yeah, speaking as a roboticist, bipedal robots are dumb. These ones are even more dumb than normal though. Look at their knee joint design. This would put unbelievable amounts of pressure supporting the weight on the knee joint, for no discernible benefit as far as I can tell.

    1. Well yeah, it’ll probably be special… But there’s level of realism, it’s probably more “realistic” than something like Gundam SEED where they magically turn pink and naked and gain superpowers.

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