Astarotte no Omocha! — First Impression

I had very low expectations for a show which centered around a succubus building a harem to drink certain juices, but this wasn’t actually all that bad. Well, once they got out of the bath at least.

My main complaint is that Astarotte’s voice is getting on my nerves. It’s not really the fault of her character or her voice, but simply my association of her voice with Rose from Dragon Crisis. Hopefully by the end of this season I’ll recover from withdrawal and be able to put that experience behind me.

This is only the first episode though, and it was really just the setup, so it’s hard to tell where this show will go from here. It has the potential to either be an above average Zero no Tsukaima clone or go down the road of Dragon Crisis. Either way, I’m not expecting anything great, but they’ve convinced me to at least give the second episode a chance.

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