Brothers Conflict — First Impressions


In news that will surprise no one, a show about a girl forming a harem out of her thirteen brothers is beyond terrible.


While I imagined it couldn’t be any worse than it sounded, the first half of the show was narrated by an obnoxious talking squirrel. So it was. Color me impressed.

Obviously, dropped.

11 thoughts on “Brothers Conflict — First Impressions

  1. Actually, this show is so terribly cheesy and shameless that it’s just hilarious to watch. I found myself enjoying it, even tough it wasn’t for the reasons the creators intended.
    But now that everyone’s dropping it, there won’t be anybody left to laugh at it with me, that’s just sad.

  2. Shit anime which I dropped in half an hour. This anime does nothing but strengthen Scamp’s statement that all otome games adaptation are shit, only 2nd after light novels with imouto in it. Oh, please. Why can’t they learn from Kuroko no Basuke or Free! Please stop putting stupid brainless girl as the protagonist! Nobody wants to self insert herself in there!

    1. Technically Brothers Conflict was a book series before an otome game, but its purpose is still obvious.
      I agree though that visual novels-turned-anime generally benefit from having unique protagonists that are interesting in their own right. (See Steins;Gate for the greatest example.)
      For a reverse harem example, Ouran High School certainly wouldn’t have been as interesting if Fujioka-san was just another everyday/cutesy/airhead girl. Insert characters may be useful for (some) games, but for a narrative without player input the protagonist could really afford to be someone the audience can legitimately care about.

      1. Good protagonist should have it’s own standing and pride. Another reason why SAO sucked, because Kirito is also a self insert character.

      2. I guess for a good adaptation of a game with an insert character, you need to insert a personality into them. Like what they did in the adaptation of Persona 4. That’s how you have to do it.

    2. Of course all otome game adaptations are shit. So are all galge game adaptations, as far as I can recall.

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