C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control 10 — Overheated Economy!

Now economic trends can be reflected by the power of clowns and North American super entrepreneurs.

C still has its issues— mainly, that the economic mumbo-jumbo, the entire setting and the fighting for the future / present debate make no sense whatsoever— but this episode was a turn for the better with a focus on the battles again. Even if the battles don’t make any sense either, at least they’re entertaining. “Overheated economy!” “Mergers and acquisitions!” “Cannibalization!” The attack names are one part where the economics mumbo jumbo actually kind of works. It’s certainly preferable to the usual attack names. And yes, I realize that one of those three attack names doesn’t fit.

I don't know, you definitely should have.

Still, I can’t follow the story. The greedy guy who sells information betrays Mikuni for some reason, but I couldn’t figure out why. IMF girl’s plan is to save the future by destroying the Japanese currency so they can stop losing their future and get wiped off the map by the [C] waves (which still don’t make any sense either). Kimimaro fights a side kick from the guild who I’m not even sure had a name. The clown gives a black card to Kimimaro because he heard voices from the clouds telling him to. Now Kimimaro and Mikuni are prepped to fight the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny.

Tree of life cameo - even less relevant here than it was in Evangelion.

On a more positive note, I did enjoy the part where the information broker robbed the guild and started tossing money out of helicopters, even if little motivation was given for him to do so. And Mikuni’s asset, Q, is pretty awesome. She looks like a gentler version of Mashu but eats people and assets instead of ramen. Definitely my kind of girl. Wish they’d made more use of her.

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