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Hibike Euphonium 08 — Wow.

Wow. So, episode 8 was pretty much perfect. It’s for episodes like this that I still watch anime. I was going to combine episodes 8 though 10 but I only watched 8 and it’s already gotten pretty long.

The script, visual choices and timing were amazing. My favorite example of this was Kato’s confession scene:


I love how she first offers him some takoyaki, he asks how the tuba is going, and she interrupts him to tell him this. It’s great. Such uncertainty, excitement, and fear. You can really tell that it’s her first love. Continue reading Hibike Euphonium 08 — Wow.

Hibike Euphonium 02-05 — A Mostly Accurate Portrayal of Trombones


Given my relentless pursuit of truth and justice for the accurate portrayal of trombones in anime, I had to pick up Hibike Euphonium. And I can indeed confirm, Hibike Euphonium is the savior of anime. Look at that trombone. Look at it. Those beautiful curves in the bell, that well-oiled F trigger, that beautiful silver mouthpiece. This is what a a trombone should look like. (Well, okay, the lack of any mold in the mouthpiece is a bit unusual, as is the lack of any dents. And I can’t wait for the episode with cute girls opening spit valves on each other.) Continue reading Hibike Euphonium 02-05 — A Mostly Accurate Portrayal of Trombones