Hibike Euphonium 09 – 10 — Misunderstandings



In both episodes, the driving conflict is that people are unable to understand one another. I thought this was really profound. Then I realized that this is the driving conflict in most stories and is actually pretty obvious.

But, anyway— misunderstandings. Oumae is coming to realize that she never really understood any of her friends.

Earlier, she didn’t understand why Reina was so upset that she didn’t expect to win the competition, or why Reina was so defensive of the director. But now she realizes she really didn’t understand anything.



Well, actually, Reina doesn’t understand anything either. She’s actually a lesbian and is in love with Oumae, she just is in denial.



She doesn’t understand Natsuki either. She thinks she’ll be upset that she wasn’t selected for the addition, since that’s how her classmate in middle school reacted.




But really, that’s not how Natsuki felt at all. Natsuki was more worried about Oumae’s feelings than she was worried that she hadn’t been selected.

Another example: Asuka. In two scenarios, Asuka makes a similar claim, once about the earlier confession and a second time about the solo part:



Oumae is just unable to comprehend this.


Even when Asuka tells her directly to her face. I guess, being anime, it’s possible it was a facade. But I doubt it. If I were in Asuka’s position, I wouldn’t give half a fuck about either of these things.

Oumae assumes that everyone is like her, or like people she has known before. This is a mistake.

Now, there is one conflict that isn’t brought about by a misunderstanding.


Reina is an asshole. I can’t believe she said this in front of the entire band. And thought that the other girl was in the wrong afterwards!

It shouldn’t change who gets the part, but if Reina was just slightly less bent on political self-destruction, this solo wouldn’t even be an issue.

Further Thoughts

I love how they actually take the effort to do the music right in this show. For example, you can tell how nervous Oumae is during her audition just from her playing.



The story of my life.



Yeah, definitely a lesbian.



It’s pretty amazing how Natsuki came from out of nowhere to steal the position of best girl.

4 thoughts on “Hibike Euphonium 09 – 10 — Misunderstandings

  1. Reina is an asshole. I can’t believe she said this in front of the entire band. And thought that the other girl was in the wrong afterwards!

    Two wrongs don’t make a right. Reina’s pretty damn arrogant, sure, but Yuuka’s still in the wrong. She knows Reina can play circles around Kaori and Taki didn’t play favoritism, but she’s set on making Kaori get the solo no matter what.

    Anyway, Reina’s an asshole, but I love her for it. It’s kind of realistic too. Many talented people are like that in real life.

  2. I don’t watch Euphonium, I only wanted to read more about the amazing world of trombones but then you spent the whole post musing about relationships and shit :(.

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