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Space Bros 12 — A Meaningless Name

I’m someone whose name doesn’t have a meaning either, both for my real name and the name “draggle.” Well, technically my real name does have a meaning, but my parents only chose it because it sounded well together with my last name, so I don’t think that counts.

I never really cared that my name didn’t have a meaning though. My name meant “me”, after all, and didn’t need any extra baggage attached to it. Continue reading Space Bros 12 — A Meaningless Name

Space Bros 11 — More Training

This is starting to feel like a shounen show. Right now we’re in the middle of yet another training / testing arc. And it sure has been a long one…

That’s not to say this isn’t an excellent show: it is. I’m quite intrigued by the next test, actually: saying in confined quarters together for a lengthy amount of time. But the story’s format is a bit formulaic.

Confronting Death

What a badass mad scientist.  Continue reading Space Bros 11 — More Training

Space Bros 10 — Breaking the Rules

In a brief moment, Mutta has squandered much of my goodwill. So much is wrong with this picture. They have broken both the “every other urinal” rule and the “no talking rule.” For my uninitiated female readers (and no, I don’t want to know about what you do in there) these are the two unbreakable rooms of the restroom. No talking, and don’t get any closer than you have to. Standing next to someone at the urinal and chatting it up is akin to taking a baby and boiling it in a pot of lard. Not cool. Continue reading Space Bros 10 — Breaking the Rules