Space Bros 11 — More Training

This is starting to feel like a shounen show. Right now we’re in the middle of yet another training / testing arc. And it sure has been a long one…

That’s not to say this isn’t an excellent show: it is. I’m quite intrigued by the next test, actually: saying in confined quarters together for a lengthy amount of time. But the story’s format is a bit formulaic.

Confronting Death

What a badass mad scientist. 

In this episode, everyone confronts the possibility of death in their own way. Some, like this guy, don’t give a shit. Others, like the guy sitting next to him, regret not finishing TV shows (this was pretty dumb… if I die today I’m pretty sure my biggest regret is not going to be failing to watch more anime).

Some of the prospective astronauts deny the possibility and sign the papers anyway. Some like Mutta are afraid to die, but are more afraid to die without going to space. Some take a while to build up their courage to sign.

Then there’s Serika, who battles against death in the here and now with her insatiable appetite.

Cliffhanger Speculation

This seemed like a pretty weak cliffhanger to end the episode on. Why does Mutta know what time it is? Because it’s whatever time they want it to be. If they aren’t going to see the sun for two weeks, what does it even matter? And in space, when you’re hurtling around the planet at breakneck speeds, asking the time of day is pretty pointless.

7 thoughts on “Space Bros 11 — More Training

  1. It is a weak cliffhanger, especially since the clues to how he came to his answer were written all over the last couple episodes. However, you’re getting the test and its purpose wrong just the same as the other candidates did. It’s important to have a perception of time that is somewhat accurate without cues like the position of the sun. If your instruments fail and you need to know when to pull the manual shoot release you have to go by your gut, and that’s the ability this is testing.

  2. I won’t argue whether knowing what time is it in space is important. Nevertheless I can tell that you and redball have been trolled. If you watch the episode carefully, you will know the exact hour. And once again it’s not about any mystic powers, super detective skills or luck in guessing. I loled pretty hard at this twist.

    1. Eh? The only thing I see is that he has something on his wrist, but that shouldn’t be a watch because last episode they said to take those off. If it’s that he forgot to take it off I’ll be disappointed in the show.

      1. No, he doesn’t have a watch. However, there is indeed one very brief moment in the episode where you can see a clock. It’s almost random though.

        1. I see it now. (I even checked that part before I responded to you and missed it a second time.) I can respect this because they use misdirection to pull your attention away from the clock.

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