Cross Ange 02 — More Lesbian Rape

You guys voted for anal rape in the poll… well, you’re going to get it.

There have been people who wanted me to write a fanfiction for this, along the lines of Sword Art Online, but I don’t think that would turn out very well. Much of the humor in my SAO fanfiction works because I take the sexual innuendo in SAO already present and elevate it to more obvious levels. But that’s not possible with Cross Ange, since it’s already basically porn. I don’t know how I could elevate this any further.

But you know what, it’s basically porn, but I still find the show entertaining. It’s much better than something like Mahouka, which is completely boring. Cross Ange is also pretty gross (although not quite as disgusting as Mahouka) but at least it’s entertaining. There’s stuff happening, lots of twists and turns in that way only Sunrise does. Even if most of the big twists so far have been lesbian rape…

Anyway, I think I’ll summarize the episodes for this one since I’m guessing there will be a good number of people reading the posts but not actually watching the show.



We start off with Ange being introduced to her new squad. Her captain is busy molesting another underling.


Ange is a bitch. She calls her squadmates “things” and acts like a spoiled Princess. They all want to smack her around some.


They do. She acts like even more of a bitch.

Then the other new girls are nice to her. Purple gives Ange her pudding after the other girls steal Ange’s lunch.


Ange is the biggest bitch in the history of the universe.


She gets to try the simulator, and she really likes it. It’s just like air lacrosse. Also a nice breeze up her butt.

Next, Ange delivers a petition for her release to the commander.


The commander has the captain teach her her place. That means it’s time for lesbian rape!

Sadly interrupted by a call to battle.


Ange runs away. Purple decides to follow her to the magical kingdom.


Lol Sunrise.


So… yeah. Pretty close to porn, like I said, but quite entertaining nevertheless. It’s like Buddy Complex if Dio (and most of the rest of the cast) were rapists.

I do like the political backdrop. The princess confronting the crimes of her people, who live like kings, literally by the blood of the underclass. I hope that eventually we’ll move on from rape and battling dragons to rape and fighting revolutions. It would be pretty cool if she pulls a Lelouch and kicks that traitor brother’s ass. Obviously it needs to somehow sync things back to what happened in the palace, but I hope she really plots her revenge instead of just ending up there by accident.

10 thoughts on “Cross Ange 02 — More Lesbian Rape

  1. >Ange is the biggest bitch in the history of the universe.
    But she didn’t throw the pudding back at whatshername?

  2. I can actually understand why Ange is a bitch, everything she thought she knew is a lie, she was a princess and few days later she is one of the outcasts of humanity.

    The thing that annoyed me is that Ange is not just a bitch, she is a stupid bitch.
    Her baptism thing doesn’t work, she breaks the shield her mother made just by touching it, she can’t use mana, around 6 other people at that norma training camp are telling her that she is a norma. But she just can’t get the hint.

    Heck, I could understand it if she didn’t believe it. But the point is that everyone else believes it, so why does she keep making a fuss?
    If she simply took her time and figured out what was going on, not only she could get more information about normas and what’s going on in the capital. She would have gained the trust of the other norma, making her attempted escape much more likely to succeed.

    Basically I’m saying that she is stupid, and I don’t like stupid protagonists (Pretty much every mistake Lelouch did in Code Geass was because Spinkzaku is OP, because Nunnuly is his only soft spot which is continuously being exploited or because his geass decided to stop working properly at a very inconvenient time).

    She might get smarter and more badass later on, but for now I am dissapointed (and honestly, introducing a new character only to kill her 10 minutes later? It would have been more interesting if Ange’s fan-girl would have lived).

    1. Exactly this, she is a stupid bitch haha. Everything she does seems like it is precisely calculated to piss people off and make her situation even worse.

    1. And don’t forget Buddy Complex!

      I think they’ve always been kind of trashy (they made Gundam SEED and 00, after all), they’ve just come to fully embrace it now instead of hiding it.

    1. They probably don’t want to leave it the acceptions that japanese words have, the most common word indicates the chinese dragon, and so means also “reason”, these don’t seem very reasonable, other words would give similar misunderstandings (these dragons don’t look like godzilla, for example).

      1. They still have all those connotations though…. I mean it’s called a D.R.A.G.O.N. not a dragon but they’re still pronounced the same…

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