Cross Ange 04 — Ange is Still An Asshole

Back to lesbian mecha rape.



Ange is rich because she killed so many dragons. But she refuses to spend her money, saving it instead. Thus, everyone hates her more.


Three girls start to bully Ange. First, they rip Ange’s uniform apart. Ange doesn’t care, and knifes another girl’s top off.


The commander tells Ange to buy some new clothes.


Ange doesn’t care if all the other bugs in the facility see her naked.


The bullies throw a tray at Ange. It misses and hits someone else, who beats them up.


They poison Ange’s water. She spits it directly into her bully’s mouth.


They steal Ange’s underwear and call them an “ugly pig hoe’s skanky bitch panties”. Ok then. However, they aren’t Ange’s panties. Someone else beats them up again.


Sadly, Ange’s uniform deteriorates further on its own. It’s time to buy new clothes.


Even though some people think Ange’s new uniform looks rather stylish.

Meanwhile, Captain Purple tells the bullies to stop.


Red says Purple is only defending Ange because she’s good in bed.


They are about to kill each other. Unfortunately, they don’t.


The three bullies cry together about how sad they are that the beloved Captain who raped the entire squad has died. Truly a tragedy. My tears overfloweth.


Purple buys the old Captain’s room and rapes her underlings.


They are all very happy.


Meanwhile, purple is busy studying to be a leader.


Pink tries to exchange phone straps with Ange, Ange slaps her. What a bitch.

Red sabotages Ange’s machine. They go to battle, Ange crashes.


She wakes up naked in bed with some random guy, tied to the frame.

… oh Cross Ange…


I’m not sure if it’s actually getting less crazy or if I’m just getting inured to it. This episode only had implied rape, not actually animated rape, so maybe that’s why it feels less sleazy than normal? Although it also has some consensual rape (I guess it’s not rape if it’s consensual but not sure what to call it, with the bullies), some lesbian kissing, tons of public nudity, and girls calling each other ugly pig hoe skanky bitches, so… yeah. Don’t worry, still pretty sleazy.

I kind of like Purple. She’s cute with glasses. And not a total asshole. So that’s something. Pink is also not a total asshole but she’s really annoying.

Feels like I’m just fishing for someone to like though. Since it’s really difficult to find such a person in this show.

Maybe the male character won’t be a total dipshit. I assume being tied to the bed naked is some kind of ridiculous, unbelievable misunderstanding. Although given this show… it would be kind of hilarious if the male turned out to be the biggest dipshit of all and made Ange his sex slave or something. I don’t think Cross Ange could possibly descend much lower but I didn’t think it could get this low to begin with, so you never know.

8 thoughts on “Cross Ange 04 — Ange is Still An Asshole

  1. I’m trying to decide whether I find it dumber that they turn “dragon” into an acronym or that they actually decided to use the phrase “ugly pig hoe skank bitch.” I guess the latter might involve some creative translation, but I can’t imagine it was much better in the original language.

  2. It’s kind of a shame this show is… the way it is. I like the social commentary (themes of systemic inequality and forcing an invisible lower classes to fight and die in a war so the upper classes can maintain their standard of living) but the show seems perpetually side-tracked by it’s creepy fanservice.

    1. Yeah, it definitely could have something interesting to say if it didn’t want to spend all its time on rape.

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