Da Capo III — First Impressions


Everyone is in love with MC-kun, including two of his sisters and a guy. His official newspaper club gets in a battle with the unofficial newspaper club: the winner takes him.

I’ve watched the first episode of each season of Da Capo and been unable to continue. I think of Da Capo as the bad version of Key. And I hate Key, so that’s saying something.

It always has the blandest male lead imaginable, and the blandest girls as well. Just look at them, they all even look the same aside from the hair color. Plus, it’s full of feelings and pseudomystical BS.


This version of Da Capo “improved” on its predecessors by showing breasts jiggling every time a girl talked. No, seriously.


It also had them randomly strip in public.

I can’t watch this crap. Dropped.

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