3 thoughts on “Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman — First Impressions

  1. I finally watched the first episode of this. Sure, it is childish but I think I’ll try another few episodes, as well. I think Bakumatsu era must have been quite an interesting time w/ all these Americans/ Europeans in-between and lots of things changing. Perhaps this will not be of much importance in this series but let’s see.

    At least I liked that the doctor learned zombie creation from Doctor Siebold. He was a 19th century physician who traveled to Japan. I once visited his nice museum in Leiden/ Netherlands: http://www.sieboldhuis.org/ .

    1. Definitely an interesting time period. I wish we had more historical shows in this period (equivalently, I hope Hyouge Mono gets subbed).

      Huh, that’s a pretty neat cameo.

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