Dog Days 04 — Explosions Galore!

Another fun episode of Dog Days. The characters in this show are just such a joy to watch. In this episode, Ricotta’s appearance was spectacular. First she apologizes for not being much help. Then Shinku and Eclair begin a charge against the enemy fortress by themselves, as Eclair tells the story of a lone knight who defeated an entire army. Then, right as they are about to engage the enemy army, Ricotta blasts the living daylights out of the enemy army with artillery. And later she does a combo move with the ninja and drops grenades on them. I’m always partial to explosions, and explosions caused by cute mad scientist dog girls can only be an improvement.

Shinku and Eclair continue to be a great pair, equaling each other in both hotheadedness and idiocy. The part where they both told the other to go ahead while they take on the enemy themselves was a great take on that overused device. The ensuing argument and complaints from the enemy leader only made it better.

This show is the funnest thing I’ve seen in a long while. If I had any complaints, they could stand to make the princess a bit more interesting in comparison to the other characters. Right now she is comparatively boring. Also, why did Shinku and Eclair suddenly become so weak looking when they were fighting in the castle courtyard? What happened to their energy beams and crazy Parkour moves? Their fight with the guards through the princess’ mirror looked rather pathetic.

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