Steins; Gate 04 — Quest for the IBN 5100

Ookarin’s banter continues to carry this show. This show has a great script.

I was questioning all of the new female characters in Okarin’s harem that were introduced in the last episodes, but they’re slowly starting to grow on me. This episode was Feiris-tan’s chance to shine. At first she seemed like a completely worthless character added as an afterthought to so they could have a girl in a maid uniform and cat ears, but this episode proved that this wasn’t true (well, at least not entirely). Her back and forth with Okarin is great, almost to the level of Christina.

Hououin’s rant about how the world has room for only one mad scientist was beyond awesome. At last we have someone who is honest about his own motivations for saving the world. 🙂

If Stein’s; Gate can avoid Chaos Head’s path of stereotypical final boss fights and characters of dwindling interest, it’s going to end up as a great conspiracy show. It does need more work on the side characters, and the mystery didn’t advance much this episode, but I feel that it’s getting there.

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