Dog Days 05 — Idiots, Idiots, and More Idiots

I’d been wondering whether Shinku could become an animal ball since he’s from another world, and apparently he can’t. Oh well, it’s not like he’s going to die.

The first half of this episode when everyone fought was a lot of fun. Putting Gaul and Shinku together turned out to be quite entertaining, since they both have the same type of flashiness and idiocy. Seeing everyone beaten up by the King was good as well. How dumb can these people get?

Shinku’s running and speed surfing was fun too, but his magic carpet ride moment with the princess was a bit stretched out. I just can’t imagine any kind of serious romance working with these characters.

The part before the concert with the two children and their dad really made it hit home how vital it was to save the princess. *tear* Watching the princess’s concert was just painful. Did they really have to make us listen to the whole song? Dog Days really needs to stick to the fighting and idiocy and not get wrapped up in romance and singing.

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