Dog Days 06 — A Head Pat

The highlight of this episode was the Princess patting Eclair’s head. That’s not a good sign. This episode was just boring. The first five minutes of head patting and training with Eclair were decent but nothing special. Then Shinku goes on a random camping and fishing trip with the ninjas, Shinku and the princess have a long tea party, and we have a budding romance between Eclair’s brother and the older ninja.

This show needs to focus on what it does well: stupid funny stupid, like the battles. They will not be able to do a decent romance between any of these characters. I don’t think anyone will feel bad for Shinku over his tragic loss at all. And no one believes that Shinku and the princess are going to die. Just work on trying to make people laugh; there’s no need for a “serious” plot. Trying to include one is just a waste of time.

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