Koi Sento OVA — Fighting Deer

This is the kind of thing they would only make in Japan. We have a genetically engineered damsel in distress and a desperate young high school male on a field trip who are united and fall in love due to the efforts of a white buck and a herd of deer who fight against giant robotic oni. Koi Sento actually aired almost half a year ago, but it slipped past my radar.

Unfortunately, this OVA isn’t quite as awesome as it sounds. The characters are your stereotypical damsel in distress and loser teenage boy, and the plot is 25 minutes of teenage wish fulfillment. Quite literally, in fact: the boy spends the first few minutes of the show wishing he could meet and fall in love with the female, who is a celebrity (I didn’t follow why). The deer were entertaining, certainly, but not enough to make it worth sitting through the rest of this OVA.

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