Dog Days 09 — Battle Princess

This was a battle episode so things picked up, but it still just wasn’t as fun as the first few episodes. The main problems are all these prophecies and the drama with the princess. It is impossible for this show to convince me that the princess has any chance of dying. And if she did die I would probably just break down laughing. I think the show would be vastly improved by either eliminating the princess entirely or at least making her funny. Seriously, why so serious?

I think another issue may be that the way the creators present the story is rather formulaic. The announcers say something (usually something which is painfully obvious), they shift the camera to a new two minute battle, rinse, repeat. They also have the same painfully formulaic setup whenever a character goes somewhere (e.g., Riko above). She says “I’m heading out” as they waste ten seconds with watching her leave. All in all the show just does not flow smoothly. It feels like a bunch of two minute segments glued together.

In other news, the ninja squad got taken out by some random small fry this episode since they ran out of characters from Biscotti. Anyway, have some Eclair fanservice.

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