Hanasaku Iroha 09 — Ohana’s Rival Appears?

Am I reading too much into it, or will this new girl who made her appearance at Ko’s job become Ohana’s love rival? Considering that she took up the ending splash screen, she’ll likely have a role of some importance.

Ko was kind of pathetic in this episode though. He went all the way there, only to turn around and come home at the train station when the inn was out of rooms. You would think he would call before he went. Or, having arrived, he would at least look for another inn to stay at. It’s partially Ohana’s fault though, since she is pretty oblivious. And Ko just can’t keep up with her pace at all.

Minchi is making progress towards becoming a cook, due to necessity. I think she would be quite jealous of Ohana if she knew everything that happened between her and Tohru.

In the grand scheme of things, I don’t feel like much has changed from this arc though. Minchi has started cooking, and we have a greater appreciation for the manager’s bookkeeping skills. Ohana has gained a boost of confidence (not like she needed one), but otherwise this seemed like a reset ending where everything is back to how it used to be. It was an entertaining set of episodes, to be sure, but I’m most looking forward to the point in this show where the plot gets moving again.

2 thoughts on “Hanasaku Iroha 09 — Ohana’s Rival Appears?

  1. Wow i am really anxious about ohana’s rival. whether ko will choose her or ohana >< cant wait for next episode!

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